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she hulk deco

Hulk Couture

(She)Hulk Couture. I tried to work with a 1920’s color palette, and used She-Hulk’s costume as inspiration. I tried to keep the shapes simple, and I really like how delicate her exposed foot seems. The unabashed beauty with brawn.

D for Dangerous

D for Vendetta

Available at InksterInc

Descry! In display humble doer deluxe, dedicated as both dupe and devil by the diversities of fate.

This demeanor, no mere disguise of disdain, is the detritus of the “discours public” now devoid, deserted. However, this daring drop-in of a bygone discomfiture stands dynamic, and has declared demolition of these double-dealing and destructive dregs, directing depravity and defending the disorderly demoralization and diabolical defilement of desire.

The only decision is danger; dissension, held as a device not in delusion, for the deemed dogma of such shall one day disculpate the disciplined and devout.

De facto, this distillation of discursive diction diverges most declamatory, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me D.